Superspirit is a contemporary psychedelic family band that got its earliest starts in San Francisco, but now basks in the familiar glow of Brooklyn.

Their loose, atmospheric, home recordings are largely impromptu and improvisational. Using drum machines, percussion, mini guitars, and synths, they weave a fascinating tale. From Eastern-influenced acoustic psychedelia, to baroque electro, and organic pop, Superspirit is a reflection of good and weird music influences, ranging from Incredible String Band and Can, to New Order and Breakbot.

As for the band, Ursula and Wolfgang, 7 and 6, respectively, provide much of the inspiration for these family freakouts, and share writing duties with their folks. Spiritbear and Jeila, mutual musical muses, both lay the foundation for the playful jazz of living, loving, and making music.

For more information about this project:
Facebook: Superspirit